Seventh section of Barrow Way

The seventh section of Barrow Way begins in Carlow and ends when walkers reach Leighlinbridge. This section introduces walkers to the sights and sounds of County Carlow in the Leinster province. This is an easy section with little climbing involved. A distance of eleven kilometres will have to be covered by the walkers on this track. Walkers shouldn’t have much difficulty in completing this walking trail in less than four hours. Almost half of the walking terrain on this route consists of grassy track. This path takes walkers across the county border into County Laois. There is a house called Locks located here where accommodation can be found. The river here is divided by an island adorned with a good number of trees. Once the walkers are past this island, Mount Leinster will come into full view. Walkers will appreciate seeing the Clogrennan Weir here. This weir is a small dam and it is the only naturally occurring one of its kind on the Barrow Way. Walkers can also witness the ruins of Clogrennan Castle on the west bank here. Also located close by is the Cloydagh Church dating back to 1805.

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