Seventh section of Grand Canal Way

The seventh section of the Grand Canal Way will have walkers exploring the route between Tullamore and Pollagh. This section of the route is also located in County Offaly. The route is easy to navigate and stretches over a relatively long distance of fifteen and a half kilometres. There isn’t much climbing to do on this route so it shouldn’t pose a lot of difficulties for old timers. Four and a half hours will be needed to complete this route. While in Tullamore, the roads can be fairly busy so care is needed while crossing the roads there. Once Tullamore is left behind, the roads become quiet and peaceful, making the trek quite enjoyable. After the walkers are past Rahan, the canal will take them on a pleasant stroll through the countryside. The Tullamore Dew Heritage Centre at Bury Quay is worth a visit for those interested in the culture and traditions of this area. Shra Castle, Ballycowan Castle and Rahan churches are all interesting attractions on this walking trail that will appeal greatly to the walkers.

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