Seventh section of South Leinster Way

The seventh section of the South Leinster Way stretches from Mullinavat to Piltown. This part of the walking route is located in the eastern region of Leinster in County Kilkenny. The route is pretty easy and shouldn’t present walkers with any difficulties. A distance of fourteen kilometres has to be covered by the walkers to reach the end of this section of the walking route. The highest point on this walking trail is about two hundred metres. Walking at an average pace, most walkers won’t take more than five hours to finish this route. The landscape surrounding this walking path consists of mostly farmland and coniferous plantations. There are elevated sections on this route that prove to be a great vantage point for exploring the beauty of County Waterford and County Tipperary from afar. The scenic views of the Suir Valley can be enjoyed from the southern parts of the Booley Hills. The Poulanassy Waterfall at Clonassy is worthy of a visit for its pristine splendour.

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