Seventh section of Wicklow Way

The seventh section of Wicklow Way extends from Glenmalure to Aughavannagh. This walking trail is moderately difficult to complete for average walkers so expect some challenges ahead. The trail is also a bit long at about eleven kilometres. The height of the highest point you can expect to climb here is about three hundred and fifty metres. Most walkers will take around a little bit less than five hours to complete this walking route. There is steady climbing involved on some parts of the route and the path can also be wet and muddy at places so be careful, tread slowly through slippery terrain and most of all, wear quality hiking and trekking shoes with a good grip. Walkers can expect spectacular views of the Avonbeg River and the mountains surrounding this route. They will also come across the Iron Bridge passing over the Ow River. Glenmalure Waterfall will prove to be a sight of awe for many. Rathdrum is a town close to this walking path. This town is located high on the western side of the Avonmore Valley. So if you feel like enjoying some breathtaking views of this beautiful valley, the vantage point of Rathdrum is the best place to do so. Avondale House near this walking trail is a popular tourist attraction. Other places of interest that walkers might want to check out are Greenane Farm Museum & Maze and the Clara-Lara Fun Park.

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