Sheep’s Head Peninsula

One of the least visited places in Ireland is the Sheep’s Head Peninsula in County Cork. It can rightly be considered to be one of Ireland’s most precious treasures that are hidden from the public due to their obscurity. With fascinating loughs, fabulous coastal views and spectacularly beautiful scenery, this is a place that must not be left unexplored at any cost. If you are looking for a peaceful place in Ireland where the only things you can hear are the pure sounds of nature, there is no better place than the Sheep’s Head Peninsula. The walking trail here stretches to almost 88 kilometres and can take as much as four days to complete. If you are short on time, you can choose to explore one of the shorter loops. The route leading to the tip of the headland is much recommended in this case. Along the way, you can look forward to setting your eyes upon Lough Akeen, Kilcrohane Village, Ballyroon Mountain and a 17th century signal tower.? Be advised though that this place is pure wilderness. You won’t find any roads here so the only mode of transportation available to you here is your own two feet.

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