Sinead comes home to Dublin for a live music performance

Tickets are now on sale for Sinead O’ Connor’s live gig in Dublin on 18 November @ the Olympia Theatre.

I’m a big fan of Sinead, (bigger than Britney Spears who shaved her head to imitate her idol) and I can safely say that nothing really compares to you Sinead, nothing.

Sinead O’Connor’s gig in Dublin ties in with her re-emergence into making music after semi-retiral in 2003 and recovery from an illness I can’t pronounce.

She has recorded her own double CD album, Theology (as well as having studied the subject at a Catholic College in Dublin) and, at 40, is said to be feeling more spiritual than the outspoken youth who tore up a photo of the Pope live on television. Perhaps since her ordainment as Mother Bernadette Marie she has put her life in order.

Theology is an attempt to create a place of peace in a time of war,” said Sinead. “It is my own personal response to what has taken and is affecting everyone around the world since and including September 11, 2001.

“I want to be very clear – there is no message. No preaching. Nothing deep and meaningful the artist wants to say, nothing trouble making. I simply wanted to make a beautiful thing, out of something beautiful, which inspires me.”

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Sinead recently recorded a couple of tracks (Illegal Attacks and Some Folks Are Hollow) for Ian Brown’s album, The World Is Yours. Sinead’s haunting voice, drives home the message of Illegal Attacks which is due to be released on the September 17 with the full album due out September 24. Brown recorded the music for the album with O’Connor live at Windmill Lane studios in Dublin, Ireland.

Sinead is notoriously outspoken and Illegal Attacks, with the line “So bring the soldiers back”, speaks out against the war in Iraq. She has also criticised the use of Ireland’s Shannon Airport as a stopover, so it seems controversy still pulses through her veins as much as her devotion to religion.

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Find out more about this live music event in Dublin over at our main site @ Dublin Events

Her main site has “The Healing Room of Sinead O’Connor” as a warning before you enter; I wonder if she has healed at all!

Visit Ian Brown’s MySpace. Ian Brown will play Big Top at Phoenix Park, Dublin on Sunday 28th October.

Book tickets for Ian Brown’s amazing live music event in Dublin.

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