Sixth section of Barrow Way

The sixth section of the Barrow Way stretches from Maganey Bridge to Carlow. This section takes walkers on a trek through County Kildare in the Leinster Province. This is an easy walking route spread over a considerable distance of eight and a half kilometres and involves minimal effort since climbing is hardly a necessity on this route. Walkers shouldn’t need more than three hours to finish this route. The majority of this walking route consists of a grassy track. Meganey Bridge on this walking trail dates back to 1790. In Carlow town, walkers will be able to visit the site of Grange Castle. This castle was built on the banks of the Guilic River by the Normans in the 1180’s to fortify the river. Carlow is an excellent base for those interested in exploring the midlands. A good number of hotels, guesthouses and restaurants are present here. Those wishing for cheap but quality accommodations can find an independent hostel here.

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