Sixth section of Royal Canal Way

Hill of down is the place walkers need to be at to start the sixth section of the Royal Canal Way. This section ends at Riverstown Bridge. For this section of the walking trail, walkers will take in the delightful views of County Meath in the Leinster province. This section of the walking route is also easy like the previous sections and doesn’t any difficult climbing. Walkers will have to cover a distance of a little over ten kilometres. Three and a half hours should prove to be enough time for them to get from start to finish of this section. The surface terrain of this section of the Royal Canal Way consists of road and track. There is a wooded demesne called Hyde Park near D’Arcy’s wood. The old canal boats on D’Arcy’s bridge remind newcomers of the Leech family who were the last traders to work on the canal before its closure. Walkers will be able to view a fine harbour at Thomastown that owes its existence to the widening of the canal here. From this point onwards, there are two towpaths to follow on both sides of the canal. The southern path is even good enough for driving vehicles.

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