Sixth section of South Leinster Way

The walk from Ballykenna to Mullinavat represents the sixth section of the South Leinster Way. This walking route is pretty easy and shouldn’t be too difficult to handle for most walkers. This walking path is located in County Kilkenny. Walkers will get to walk over a distance of fourteen kilometres on this walking trail. Two hundred and thirty metres is the height of the highest point on this trail. Average walkers should easily complete this route in about four and a half hours. The road is pretty much desolate and peaceful. However, care will be needed in crossing the road at Lukeswell and N9 near Mullinavat. Walkers will have to cross the river at Ballyconnaught and Lukeswell village. Coolnahan Hill and the Derrylacky area consist of coniferous forest. The views available here and at Tory Hill are quite splendid. Explorers will have a nice time checking out Crowbally Castle ruins located on this walking route.

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