Sixth section of Wicklow Way

The sixth section of Wicklow Way takes walkers from Glendalough to Glenmalure. This trail is ranked to be easy as far as difficulty in traversing it is concerned. This track is a bit long at thirteen kilometres. The highest point on this track is about four hundred and twenty metres high. An average walker can be expected to complete this walking path in about five and a half hours. The path is muddy in some places. You will encounter hundred metres of very steep climb at one point during the walk. There is also a muddy descent through trees so be careful there to avoid slipping and getting hurt. Glenmalure is one of the most beautiful glens of Ireland. You will have a fascinating time walking through this enchanting place in the Wicklow Mountains. There are plenty of craggy mountains and massive broken rocks to be found here that enhance the rugged beauty of this place. This is indeed a place worthy of being called a walker’s paradise.

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