South Leinster Way

South Leinster Way is a walking trail that extends over a long distance of about hundred kilometres. This walking track is divided into eight sections. Each of these sections takes about half a day to complete. The first part of this trail starts from Kildavin and ends at Nine Stones. This walking path is quite easy for average walkers to complete. This section of the South Leinster Way is located in County Carlow. The walking distance is quite long at about eleven kilometres. The height walkers will have to climb on this route is a bit high at 480 metres but it’s not too steep so climbing will be easy. Most walkers will be able to complete this walking route in a little more than four hours. The N80 road on this walking path is often populated with fast moving traffic so care should be exercised in crossing it. The surrounding landscape of this area is quite marvellous. Walkers will be treated to breathtaking views of Blackstairs Mountains, Mount Leinster and the Greenoge Hill. The village of Kildavin is a beautiful place to explore on this trail. If you happen to visit Kelly’s Quarter here and the day is clear, you will be rewarded with exhilarating views of the Irish Sea.

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