Stockman’s Restaurant

If you are curious about the real taste of Ulster food, Stockman’s Restaurant in County Tyrone is where you need to be to satiate your curiosity and acquaint your palate with the heavenly taste of fine Ulster cuisine.? This restaurant is famous for its tasteful home cooking which ensures that important nutrients are not destroyed by overheating and the food is as healthy and delicious as possible. The diligent staff makes sure that all these goals are met and fulfilled without fail. The food is presented in a style that makes it extremely appealing with the result that the mere sight of this wholesome food manages to increase the appetite of the customers. House specialties like bacon, cabbage and champ will leave your mouth watering and virtually begging for more. Bread and butter pudding is an amazingly enjoyable dessert available here that truly complements the awesome dinner experience at this marvellous restaurant.

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