The Offaly Way

The Offaly Way is an enjoyable walking trail stretching over a distance of twenty nine kilometres. This trail connects the Slieve Bloom and the Grand Canal Ways together. For the convenience of the walkers, this route is divided into three sections. Each section can be completed about half a day which shouldn’t be much of a problem for walking enthusiasts. Starting in Cadamstown and ending in Lemanaghan, the first section of the Offaly Way is located in County Offaly in the eastern region of Ireland in the province of Leinster. This route is pretty easy to cover even for amateur walkers. This route is about nine kilometres long and normally requires about three hours from start to finish. The path on this route involves minimal climbing so even old people can enjoy walking here. The road on this route is usually very quiet. However, traffic can be quite fast so caution is advised. Be careful of five electric fences on this route. Although they are clearly marked as dangerous, it is better to stay on the road on this route to avoid any unpleasant incidents. Walkers who like to explore tourist attractions can find an old mill and a riverside park on this walking trail.

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