Third part of South Leinster Way

The third part of the South Leinster Way takes walkers on a relaxing journey from Borris to Graiguenamanagh. This part of the walking route is easy on the walkers and won’t introduce them to any hardships they can’t handle. This route stretches over a distance of about twelve kilometres. There is minimal climbing involved on this walking path. Walking at a steady and average pace, walkers can hope to finish walking on this path in less than four and a half hours. There is a road between Borris and Ballytiglea Bridge that should be crossed with caution. Walkers will enjoy the grassy path on this walking trail and will appreciate the forestry of the Borris House Demesne. The river bed of River Barrow offers a pleasant walking experience with a soft surface and will prove to be a soothing influence on the walkers. Delightful views of Brandon Hill can be caught at various parts of this route. Those interested in exploring ruins and historical buildings will find much to their liking. The ruins of a town house from medieval times can be found near Ballykeenan Lock. A bridge with seven arches dating from the eighteenth century is located in Tinnahinch near this route.

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