Third section of Barrow Way

The third section of the Barrow Way begins from Monasterevin and ends at Vicarstown. Like the previous section, this section is also located in County Kildare in the Leinster province. It’s an easy walking route where climbing is almost non existent. With a distance of twelve kilometres, this walking trail will need about four hours to complete it in its entirety. Most of the surface terrain on this route is covered by grass. The road portions of this track are pretty quiet. The grassy portion of this track begins after crossing Moore’s bridge. Walkers will appreciate leaving the din of the traffic behind and will truly revel in the quiet and serene atmosphere of this grassy path. This portion of the trail is adorned with various floras like daisies, mint and yarrow. Ash, willow and hazel trees are also fairly abundant here. Herons can be heard here from time to time. The ruins of the fortress of Dunamase can also be seen on this route.

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