Third section of Grand Canal Way

The third section of the Grand Canal Way is located between Robertsown and Ticknevin. This section is situated in County Kildare in the Leinster province of Ireland. This is an easy walking route with minimum climbing involved. This route is spread over a distance of twelve kilometres. It should take walkers about four hours to finish walking on this trail. On this track, walkers can expect to find both road and grassy path as the walking surface. Shee Bridge is quite notable as the only bridge on this walking trail that features an oblique arch. This bridge is locally referred to as the Scow Bridge. From Shee Bridge, walkers are advised to take extreme care while navigating the road as parts of it can be very busy. Walkers will come across a beautiful cottage at Lowtown Marina. After that, walkers will be treated to gorgeous views of the legendary Hill of Allen. The track ahead is mostly populated by grass and shrubs.

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