Third section of the Slieve Bloom Way

The third section of the Slieve Bloom Way will take walkers on a short and wonderful journey starting from Glendine Gap that will end at Forelacka. There is a road at this place that leads to Kinnitty. This section of the walking route is located in County Offaly in the eastern region of the province of Leinster. The route consists of a road that is often quiet with little traffic to disturb the serene atmosphere of the surroundings. However, the road is narrow so care will be required walking on this road. Parts of this walking path are quite rough and muddy so walking here will require some effort. It is for this reason that this section of the walking route is graded to be moderately difficult. This section of the route runs about eleven and a half kilometres in length. The highest point on this route is only seventy five metres high which means that climbing is minimal on this track. Most walkers will complete this route in about three and a half hours if they keep walking at a steady pace. The route is comprised of country roads with very nice views of the surroundings. At Glenafelly, walkers can expect to admire a stretch of beautiful woodland. The highest point of the Slieve Blooms is the Arderin and it is located towards the south of Glendine Gap. Fidlens Rock near Glenafelly Bridge is worth checking out. Archaeology buffs will be delighted to know that at Forelacka, they can visit an ancient grave mound dating from the Bronze Age.

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