Top 8 Dublin Attractions you can get Free Entry!

Get Free Entry into these Top 8 Dublin Attractions

Dublin Attractions are a must place to visit when you are visiting Dublin. However, it can be very costly to visit all of these Dublin Attractions. Therefore, our blog for today gives you the 8 top Tourist Attractions in Dublin to which you can get a Free Pass through Dublin Pass. How it exactly works is that you visit the Dublin Pass website, Choose the type of Passes you would like, for instance 1 day Adult pass or 6 Day Adult pass, after you purchase the pass you can basically get in to 30 or more Tourist Attractions around the city of Dublin. No need to queue up in line just get in, show the pass and enjoy!

#1 – Chester Beatty Library Dublin Ireland

Dublin Attractions Chester Beatty Library
The Chester Beatty Library is the private culmination of Sir Alfred Chester Beatty. It include a spectacular and diverse collection of historic artefacts, brought together in the mid-1900s, dating back to 2700BC to the present day.

#2 – National Gallery of Ireland

Dublin Attractions National Gallery of Ireland
Today the National Gallery of Ireland showcases over 12,500 works of art representing every major European School of painting through watercolours, drawings, prints and sculpture and much more. With works by master such as Rembrandt, Vermeer, Caravaggio and Goya, the National Gallery of Ireland also houses a renowned collection of Irish paintings dating from the 17th century to the 20th centuries, including works by Jack B. Yeat.

#3 – National Museum of Ireland

Dublin Attractions National Museum of Ireland Archaeology
Experience some of he greatest artifacts of ancient Ireland and of Celtic and Medieval art, from the Ardagh Chalice, the Tara Brooch and the Derrynaflan Hoard. These exquisitely curated collections are a must-see for anyone interested in history and the evolution of man and society from as far back to the Viking Age. Some of these treasures are 9,000 years old and are simply not to be missed.

#4 – National Museum of Ireland – Decorative Arts & History

Dublin Attractions National Museum of Ireland Decorative Arts & History
The National Museum of Ireland charts Ireland’s economic, social, political and military progress through the ages and makes up the National Museum of Ireland, together with the Archaeology and Natural History collections. Artefacts at Collins Barracks range from silver, Asian Art, ceramic and glassware pieces to weaponry, furniture, examples of folk-life and costume.

#5 – National Museum of Ireland – Natural History

Dublin Attractions National Museum of Ireland Natural History
The Natural History Building, nicknamed, ‘The Dead Zoo’, is a fascinating museum which showcases a wide range of zoological collections over 10,000 exhibits. Visitors can learn about the natural world, from evolution and animals, to flora and fauna. Opened in 1857, it’s a historical museum in its own right and you can even admire the 19th century scientific arrangements by taxonomic group!

#6 – National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology

Dublin Attractions National Museum of Ireland Archaeology
Situated in Kildare Street dublin 2, the archaeology wing of the museum of Ireland is filled with history and the fascinating stories and people it invokes. The national repository for all archaeological objects found in Ireland and home to over two million artefacts.

#7 – Irish Museum of Modern Art Dublin Ireland

Dublin Attractions Irish Museum of Modern Art Ireland
The Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) is Ireland’s leading national institution for the collection and presentation of modern and contemporary art. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of exhibitions featuring the work of leading Irish and International artists and well as attend free public tours and stroll through stunning 17th century formal gardens.

#8 – Hugh Lane Gallery Dublin Ireland

Dublin Attractions Hugh Lane Gallery Ireland
Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane is the foremost Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Ireland. The original collection, donated in 1908 by Sir Hugh Lane now includes over 2,000 artworks, ranging from masterpieces by Manet, Monet, Renoir and Degas to works by leading national and international contemporary artists, as well as a Francis Bacon studio.

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