Michie Sushi Catering

Michie Sushi Catering
Address : 11 Chelmsford Lane Ranelagh
Dublin 6
Phone :01 497 6438
Fax :01 497 6488
Email : info@michiesushi.com
Website : http://www.michiesushi.com
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Welcome to Michie Sushi

It's mouth-watering. It's succulent. It's tasty. It's Sushi.

It's available from the experienced Sushi chef, Michel in Michie Sushi Catering in Ranelagh, Dublin 6. Reason
for coming to Ireland? To provide you with delicious but H E A L T H Y Sushi.

He opened up Sushi Restaurants in the U.K. and the Benelux countries. Now it is Dublin's turn to order Sushi
from the set menus or select your favourite dishes from the catering menu.

Michie Sushi Catering customer commitment is this:

* You can order for home catering, corporate catering, outdoor catering and weddings
* All Sushi freshly made to order
* Only fresh fish served

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