The Custom House

The Custom House
Address : Custom House Quay
Phone :353 1 888 2538

The Custom House is an exquisite Georgian Building and is rated as one of Ireland's most important historical building. Graceful pavilions, arcades, columns adorned with sculptures this Georgian facade manages to stand the test of time and retain its beauty and glory.

The Custom House, designed by James Gandon is an exquisite building and was the cause of much rioting at the time of its construction as it changed the location of much of the cities trading. The building was completed in 1791, only to be burned down by the IRA in 1921. The building has been beautifully restored by the Office of Public Works.

Custom house was the first building built for the public in Dublin. Architecturally it's considered as one of Dublins most historical and important building.

Graceful pavilions, arcades and columns mark the elegance of this exquisite Georgian building. The central dome is topped by a 16 foot- statue of Commerce. There are 14 keystones over the doors and windows, known as the Riverine Heads in respect of the Atlantic Ocean and the 13 principal rivers of Ireland. The exterior of the building is beautifully adorned with sculptures, coats of arms and a series of sculpted keystones symbolizing the rivers of Ireland.

During the Irish Civil war from 1921-1922 the building was terribly affected as it was completely engulfed by fire for 5 days, resulting in a major loss of public records. Due to the intensity of the heat the dome melted and the stone was still cracking when it began cooling five months later. The Gandon's interior section was completely destroyed.

The building went under a prolonged series of massive reconstruction and was further catered to by the Office of Public Works in the 1980's.

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