Dublin Mini Coaches & Chauffeur Drive

Dublin Mini Coaches & Chauffeur Drive
Address : Wasdale House, 14 Camac Park Bluebell Industrial Estate
Dublin 12
Phone :353 861 780049
Fax :353 1 696 1001
Email : info@dublinminicoaches.com
Website : http://www.dublinminicoaches.com/

Specialists in day trips and extended tours throughout Dublin and Ireland, Dorgans mini coaches offer a selection of executive chauffeur driven coaches and buses.

Dorgans Chauffeur Driven Coaches are specialists in day trips and extended tours throughout Dublin and Ireland. The bus company offers a selection of executive chauffeur driven coaches which enable them to cater for any number of people. Whatever the occasion you do not worry when their chauffeur is in charge.

At your request, Dublin Mini Coaches can create an individual itinerary and provide a tour guide (multi-lingual) to ensure you make the most of your trip.

"Whether the trip is business or pleasure, we collect and drive in style to your destination"

A specialist in airport transfer, day trips and evening transfers of Dublin, Dorgan's mini coaches are totally committed to provide quality travel services. These buses always reach with style, on time, anywhere and anytime. The Dublin mini coaches are always ready at anytime of the day to serve its wonderful and prestigious visitors.

Dorgans pride themselves in offering the most professional service and the best fleet of cars and coaches in Ireland. Dedicated telephone operators enter all fax/telephone bookings onto their computer system, bookings are then allocated and a confirmation is transmitted.

A controller is on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist you - this person has instant contact by radio with all our vehicles, while their Directors are always available should any unforeseen problems arise.

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