Address : Veolia Transport, LUAS Depot, Red Cow Roundabout, Clondalkin
Dublin 22
Phone :1800 300 604
Fax :+353 1 461 4992
Email :
Website :

Description: LUAS is a state of the art Light Rail Transit system that provides an attractive and unique alternative to the private car.

The Dublin LUAS tram system is a state-of-the-art Light Rail Transit (LRT) System. High speed, high frequency and high quality, everything is provided by this unique Light Rail System. LUAS currently encompasses two unconnected on-street light rail lines in Dublin, Ireland. Convenient stop locations and excellent levels of comfort and safety are provided with easy access at all stops.

Systems similar to LUAS are popular worldwide and it appears to be the obvious choice for a dynamic capital city like Dublin and provides an alternate to the private cars. LUAS brings many safety rules, just to make sure that everyone stays happy and safe. Stay safe with Luas.

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