Golf Tips

Golf is a game of charm, calmness, nerves and coordination of your mind, body and the club. We provide you with all the necessary tips to improve your game in days coming ahead. Whether you are a beginner, an amateur or a professional, these small but important tips will surely help you a lot in your next round of golf.

Starting off with the base of golf, like grip, to playing long driver shots, we provide you with necessary tips to improve your game.

Basic Tips
Bunker Tips
Chipping Tips
Driver - Wood Shots
Grip Tips
Iron Tips
Pitching Tips
Posture Tips
Putting Tips
Swing Tips

Basic Tips

Golf is a game of nerves and concentration where each stroke requires attention and immense focus to get the best results. Following are few basic tips given for you to improve your round next time you will be at the course.

- It's is far better to remain in fairway than to have 50 yards longer shot.

- At least practice your shot once before you play the ball. This will give you a rough idea about how much force do you require.

- Do not break you wrist during your swing as it is the major problem in shots going array.
- "Eye on the ball": Keep one thing in your mind that once you have hit the ball, now you can not change the course of the ball, so let the ball go and just concentrate on your own style.

- Do not fear bunker, consider it as your ally not your foe. This psychological advantage would help you a lot in future rounds.

- Practice putting to such an extent that you get almost perfect in that. Reason being that you can not avoid putting in any circumstances.

These are few basic tips that should help you when you will be trying to beat the course next time.

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Bunker Tips

Bunker is the worst nightmare for all the beginner players. However, it is not as difficult to get your ball out of it, as it is to get sand out of your shoes.
The basic thing is to establish firm footing in the sand. Having an open stance is of great importance as well as having the face of the club open. Put the distribution of the weight more on the left as it would help in generating more balance in your body. Follow through the shot and hit the ball almost 2 inches behind the ball and let the club flow through.
Remember the more conscious you will get about the bunker the harder it will be for you to get out of the trap.

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Chipping Tips

Many people confuse the term chipping with pitching, but in fact, they are two different shots. A chip shot is played where you are lying so close to green that you can neither lift the ball nor you can go with a putter. So a chip is a "type of" putt with an iron.

For chipping, you require to choose the club very carefully. The most important thing is to pick up a point where you want your first bounce of the ball. Depending on the type of green and slope, apply enough power to get the ball to the point you marked in your mind. That's all what good chipping is all about.
One very important thing about chipping is that do not limit yourself to just one club for chipping. Vary your clubs as required in different circumstances. Most of the golfers like to use 7- or 8-iron for this purpose but this just limits their choices as far as playing a chip shot is concerned. Try out 5-iron and you will see very good results as well.

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Driver - Wood Shots

The first shot of any hole is of tremendous importance and fortunately or unfortunately (for some) there are 14 out of 18 holes that require first shot to be played with driver. So what to do with this gigantic head club.
Simple! Keep your concentration high while playing the shot. Keep your eye on the ball and have a go at it with perfectly normal swing. It's a guarantee your stroke can cover 250 + yards.

The most important thing is to keep the ball tilted towards your front foot. Opposite to the pitching, the handle must be behind the ball.
There are basically two types of driver shots, one to be played in windy weather called the "wind cheater" and the other in normal weather where you can get the loft as well.
To play a wind cheater, your driver face must hit the ball flat so as to gain maximum distance and go flat. Keep the tee a bit high so as to have massive contact with the ball. This will help you in all those windy season golf.

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Grip Tips

Grip is the first step in learning how to play any "stick game". As only our hand creates a connection between our body and the stick/ club. So to learn any game perfectly, we must concentrate primarily on our grip.

Using a proper grip helps in making a strong and more effective connection with the ball which helps in covering great distances as well as in controlling the ball. In golf, not only learning proper grip, but also the coordination of hands with body that is important.

One of the very common mistake that golfers make is they tighten or loosen up one of the hands in grip which makes the shot to hook or shank (as called in golfing terminology). The tightening of the leading hand would cause the ball to shank and tightening of trailing hand would cause the ball to get hooked.

Below we have provides you with some basic information about how to improve your game.

Ten Finger Grip
This is the simplest grip to hold the golf club but is not used by most professional golf players. Known as "the baseball grip", it generates a lot of power in the shot.

Place the little finger of trailing hand close to the index finger of the lead hand and cover the lead hands thumb with the center of the palm of trailing hand. (See image for details)

This is mostly suitable for players who experience joint pain, have weak hands or arthritis as well as for beginners.

Interlock Grip
This is the most commonly used grip by beginners as well as amateur players. This grip makes the club lock in the hand of the player which results in excellent conversion of energy from body to ball.

Take the little finger on the trailing hand and interlock it with the index finger on the lead hand. The thumb of lead hand must fit in the center of the palm of the trailing hand. (See image for details)

But one thing about this grip is that you can easily get carried away due to tightness in grip. The most important thing about this grip is that you have to strike a perfect balance between your body and hands. This grip is mostly used by people with small hands, weak forearms and wrists.

Vardon Overlap Grip
This is the most commonly grip used by great golfers and professional players. The grip creates immense control on the direction as well as requires less effort to hit the ball to great distances.

Take the little finger on the trailing hand and place it between the index finger and the middle finger on the lead hand. The thumb of the lead hand should, as usual, fit in the center of palm of the trailing hand. (See image for details)

This balanced grip surely helps in maintaining the equilibrium but is not suitable for beginners as they can easily lose the grip of leading hand.

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Iron Tips

Long distance shots are the most charming and attractive shots, as a lot of game depends on them. Whether it is a long par four or a marathon par five, the importance of iron can not be denied.

The most important thing about hitting the shot with an iron is the weight shift of the whole body and to have a square impact of club with the ball. The weigh transfer depends upon the front knee. The timing of bending of the front knee is of great importance as it helps in bending the hip in time.

Do not let your grip loose because if you break the wrist, that can result in a complete disaster of shot. Hook, shank, duff are all possibilities in that case.

Some people try to hit the ball with all the power rather than concentrating on the correct style, to gain distance, but it surely is not recommendable in any case. If you are suffering from this problem then try going with one club greater than what you hit. This way you would not apply so much power that will break your grip or wrist.

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Pitching Tips

The game close to the green is of a lot of importance for beginners as well as professional golfers. From a distance of 100 to 150 yards, the whole game comes down to pitching the ball as near to the hole as possible.

The basic tip for pitching is to keep the handle of the club a little ahead of the ball, like getting into the stance of normal golf shot. Then place the face of the club behind the ball and hold the club in a slanting position with its handle and your grip a bit ahead of the actual position of the ball.

Back spin is another very important factor in golf where you can still attack the pin even if its front is covered by bunker or pond. For that, open the face of the club and hit the ball cleanly off the ground. The more loft it will get, the more it will back spin.

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Posture Tips

Posture is a very important component of any game that we play. In golf, we give special attention to posture as we have to convert all our shoulder and hip energy to the club to hit the ball cleanly and accurately as well. For this reason, posture is of major importance in this sophisticated game of intense mental strength.

In golf we don't have to stand erect because that won't generate enough power in our shot. So what to do now!!

Follow simple steps
- Stand upright at any distance from the ball
- Place the head of the club behind the ball and let the club rest against your knee.
- This is the exact distance that is required for any club in use.
- Now bend your knees a bit as well as your hip so as to get in a comfortable position with the ball.
- Use proper grip to address the ball and then have a go at it.

These are few simple tips to practice before you go on your next round and will surely help a lot.

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Putting Tips

No matter how good you are at hitting long distance shorts or how accurately you can hit from 100 yards, surely no one can deny the importance of putting. Whether it is a 4 feet putt or a 20 feet long putt, each putt can change the whole momentum of the game.

For accurate putting, it is important to hit the ball very accurately as well as in the right direction. The basic of putting is to keep your eye on the ball and find the exact target on which you want to hit the ball. It is not a necessity that you point at the hole while playing shots as many other factors also count in hitting the ball. These factors include the slope (if any) of green, intensity of wind etc.

Address the ball at a comfortable distance. Now move the putter in pendulum motion. This is exactly what you require. A pendulum swing will give you more control over the ball.

Place the ball in almost the middle of your feet and hit the ball while keeping your eye on the ball. This would make putting as easy as a piece of cake for you.

Direction - Reading the Green

Direction is very important in putting as minute difference in reading of green can make you lose one crucial stroke. So what to do to read the green correctly.

The primary thing is to practice a lot as to feel the heaviness of the green. Then the strike of each player depends on style as well as how hard you hit the ball. But no matter how professional you are, no one can deny the importance of hitting the putt in the right direction.

For a downhill putt, you need to strike the ball more gently depending on the amount of slope. Read the green preferably from behind the ball. Then move on to the side of the ball to know the exact distance of ball from the hole. To add to your advantage, go to the other side of the hole, opposite to the balls placement. This will give you a clear view of the ball and slope as well.

But all these things are secondary in putting. The thing of primary importance is that you should keep your nerves and concentration so as to have the best results.

Grips for Putting

There are a variety of grips for putting as it depends on the comfort of the player. But we give you an overview of two mostly used types.

The most widely used grip for putting is the ten-finger grip where you put the little finger of the leading hand with index finger of the trailing hand. With the thumb of trailing hand tucked firmly in the center of the leading hands palm. Please see the 'Grips Tips' for details.

Some people also use the "weak hand leading" grip. In this type, e.g. a person who plays with right hand uses his left hand as the leading one and put that is supported by the stronger hand. The stronger hand holds the forearm against the grip of putter. This is not a recommendable way of putting for beginners.

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Swing Tips

Swing is of major importance in golf as it is all about transferring weight of your body in your stroke. The more balanced and smooth the swing, the more distance covered as well as the accuracy of the shot.

For a perfect swing, try out the following few steps

- Get into the posture of playing a stroke.
- Take a perfect round swing to start with and keep practicing without hitting balls. This is the warm up session of making your swing right.
- Now from the begging till end, try not to break your wrist because that's the main point in smooth swing.
- Stop the club over the top of your head for a second and generate power in bringing down your club.
- After you hit the ball, have a smooth finish and follow through properly and in the same circle.

These are few simple steps to help improve your swing.

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