IMC Screen Cinema - Dublin Cinemas, Things to do in Dublin

IMC Screen Cinema - Dublin Cinemas, Things to do in Dublin
Address : Townsend Street
Dublin 2
Phone :01 6714034
Website :

The IMC Screen Cinema is equipped with latest sound and projection technology. It entertains audience with the latest box office hits in a traditional cinema experience. Surely, a recommendable place, to let your senses enjoy the charm of warmness of Dublin city.

IMC Screen Cinema - Dublin Cinemas

Now part of the IMC Cinema group ( Irish Multiplex Cinemas) the IMC Screen cinema was originally founded in 1973, has 3 screens and 730 seats. One of only a few Dublin cinemas that have kept the tradiotionall charm of the cinema, you will not only experince the most recent international and Irish films but also some might say most important, the original charm of a Dublin cinema.

IMC Screen Cinema - Things to do in Dublin

Today the IMC Screen Cinema include the IMC Love Candy area, Dolby Sound 5.1, Digital projection, Live Opera and Ballet sessions and private bookings. If you are considering things to do in Dublin and want an original cinema experience, then the IMC Screen Cinema is the place to go.

Most recently IMC Screen Cinema hosted two of Hollywoods biggest stars Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill as they promoted their new movie, 22 Jump Street. Dublin fans were in a frenzy as both stars happily posed for photographs and "selfies". For a full write on the event, click here Irish Independant

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