Des Byrne Discount Jewellers

Des Byrne Discount Jewellers
Address : 26 Bachelor's Walk
Phone :+353 1 8730309
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Des Byrne Discount Jewellers has been providing the personal service and outstanding value-for-money which has been appreciated by both their Irish and overseas customers since 1964.

The Best Jewellers in Dublin

The devotion to service which characterises family businesses gives them an advantage in the market place. Social interaction, patience, charm and human kindness constitute the personal touch to which visitors warm. For the tourist, shopping in these circumstances becomes a pleasure rather than a chore. Des Byrne Jewellers, located centrally at 26 Bachelor’s Walk, Dublin 1, and which has been in business for more than 40 years, reflects these virtues. Real people dealing with real people. "This is not just a job to us," manager Tony Howard conveys, "it is a way of life which gives satisfaction when we see the happiness of couples getting engaged or married and acquiring a ring which could be regarded as precious for more than one generation. We see our work as a very human engagement with people at special times in their lives. Our emphasis is on service and value for money."

For tourists seeking jewellery gifts for family members or special friends, Des Byrne Ltd. has established a reputation for discounting prices. American visitors reap a double benefit because this is the venue for tax free shopping - as indeed it is for all non-European shoppers. This first floor retail outlet sells Irish-made jewellery and there is a large range of Celtic-style products and Claddagh designed items on offer.

"There is nothing more symbolic than a ring," Tony Howard explains, "because the giver and receiver can make it signify what is important to them. Romance is always alive and well in our shop, but there is a new element involved today and it is this: fashion is an influential factor and women desire a range of jewellery in accord with their changes of outfit."

Men, you have just been seduced and reduced to paymaster - again! Enjoy the role.

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