Shopping at Grafton and O'Connell Street

Shopping at Grafton and O'Connell Street
Address : Grafton Street Shopping Area O'Connell Street Shopping Area

Two of Dublin's best known shopping areas are Grafton St. and O'Connell St. and both these venues host some of the best outlets for enjoying a day of shopping. Irish crystal and knitwear are some of the prominent items when it comes to enjoying the true spirit of Ireland. Both of these along with a wide assortment of crafts and souvenirs are available at Grafton and O'Connell St. A must visit for all those tourists who want to take a piece of this city home with them.

Dublin is a shopper's haven with a huge variety of goods and services to choose from. Two of Dublin's best known shopping areas are Grafton St. and O'Connell St.

Opening Hours
Irish shops generally open from 9.00am to 5.30pm or 6pm, Monday to Saturday, and close on Sunday. In Dublin, Thursday is a late shopping night and many shops in the city centre remain open until 8pm. Some shops which cater for tourists do open on Sundays, but this varies according to the area and also the time of the year.

Shopping Tips
You will see plenty of Irish made goods in the shops, particularly those that cater for tourists. Watch out for:

- Irish Hand Cut Crystal, which has an unrivalled International reputation. Irish crystal graces the finest tables of the world and there is plenty of choice from glasses and souvenirs to vases, clocks and other gift ware items.

- Irish Knitwear, which never goes out of fashion. Apart from the traditional Aran sweater, you will find many other patterns. The most expensive sweaters or cardigans are those which are hand-made and therefore unique.

- Tweed, Linens, Pottery and Craft items remain firm favourites with visitors. The textures and designs are timeless and renowned for their durability.

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Hi, I come here through my google reader, but hi anyway.Sorry I missed you last weekend, when I passed the railway station I wondered if I should go and give bertie a pat on the roof!! Well there is always next time, I'll get my people to contact your people!
Feb 27, 2013

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