Dublin Zoo - Dublin events - Fun things to do in Dublin

Dublin Zoo - Dublin events - Fun things to do in Dublin
Address : Phoenix Park
Dublin 8
Phone :353 1 677 1425
Email : info@dublinzoo.ie
Website : http://www.dublinzoo.ie

Considering fun things to do in Dublin with your children, then visit Ireland's most popular visitor attraction. Located in the beautiful Phoneix Park, Dublin Zoo is open daily from 9.30am.

Fun things to do in Dublin - Dublin Events - Dublin Zoo in Ireland then situated in the Phoneix Park is Ireland's Dublin Zoo 

Considering what to do in Dublin, then Dublin Zoo is Ireland's most popular visitor attraction. Today its houses animals from all over the globe. Dublin Zoo is home to the endangered Golden Lion Tamarin, the Moluccan cockatoo and the Rodriques fruit bat. The Dublin Zoo has come a long way and now is the habitat of nearly all the different animals found in different parts of the world. From the moment you set your foot in the zoo, you would feel as if the rhino, hippo, elephant and the lions all await your arrival in their home and are eager to share their life and daily adventures with you. With the wild-like facilities provided by the zoo authorities, the animals are complete at home in their surroundings.

Dublin zoo has one of many Dublin events, their education programs specifically will enlighten all the viewers on the extinction of wild life and the need to take some action regarding it. The education programs are held on two levels; informal and formal. The informal education includes the signs around the zoo; keepers answer questions and tell visitors a little more about the animals. Keeping the animals in naturalistic enclosures that prompt the natural behaviours visitors like to watch and learn about. People learn whilst having fun things to do in Dublin

The formal education programme uses Dublin zoo as a resource to teach both students and adults. Formal sessions for schools are structured around the Primary and Secondary school syllabus and topics include genetics, art, rainforests and conservation.

The Education Department also provides a range of fun things to do in Dublin and activity based learning programmes, summer camps, workshops and activity days. For adults there are a range of lectures and an active retirement programme.

Now you know what to do in Dublin, a visit to this haven is a guaranteed treat for all the visitors. So why not come and spend some time with the animals who share our world.

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