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Guinness Storehouse
Address : Guinness Storehouse, St. James Gate
Dublin 8
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One of the most exciting things to do in Dublin, The the adventure starts as soon as you enter the giant building of Guinness Storehouse. It's an experience of a life time and not to be missed at any cost! Go down the historical trail of the origin of Guinness, world's best loved beer and indulge yourself in the sheer joy of seeing the process of this best loved beer. The Guinness experience is one that's not to be overlooked.

The magnificent Guinness Storehouse is a must.

It opened in December 2000, is located in the heart of the Guinness brewery in Dublin. It is a dramatic story that begins over 250 years ago and ends in Gravity, the sky bar, with a complimentary pint of Guinness and an astonishing view of Dublin.

What to do in Dublin, Inside Guinness Storehouse you'll take an incredible journey throughout 250 years of brewing history, discover the pride & passion which goes into making this world -famous beer & uncover a few unexpected surprises.

Imagine a family name that, within 250 years, has become a globally recognized brand. At Guinness Storehouse, you are taken to the very heart of what makes Guinness beer so unique. Experience the people, the process and the passion behind Guinness as you trace the journey of this fascinating and world-loved beer.

Only a 15 minute walk or bus ride from the city centre, it's an un missable part of any Dublin holiday or weekend break.

All great stories begin somewhere, and the story of Guinness begins with Arthur Guinness who staked his future on a rundown brewery at St. James's Gate. The year was 1759. The rest is history. And it's all waiting to be discovered as you explore 250 years of brewing heritage and walk in Arthur's footsteps.

Today, only a few selected hold the secret that's part of the brewing success. Passed down from Arthur himself, the Master Brewers ensure the Guinness legacy is kept alive. Become part of that process as you discover the truth behind Arthur's 9,000 year lease and learn how Arthur made a decision which would change the course of Guinness brewing history.

Often surprising, always entertaining, the adventure begins the moment you walk through the door and into the building's giant, pint shaped heart of glass. As you wander up through Guinness Storehouse, you'll discover what goes into making the Black Stuff- the ingredients, the process, the passion.

The Guinness Storehouse is packed with many things to see and do, from the Retail Store on the Ground Floor right up to the Gravity Bar at the top with magnificent views of Dublin City.

On the Ground Floor, where you can also visit the Retail Store, the massive exhibit introduces you to the four ingredients; water, barley, hops and yeast, all of which combine together to make a perfect pint of Guinness. As you continue with your visit, you will meet the fifth ingredient, the man who started it all, Arthur Guinness.

On the First Floor, the cutting edge virtual master brewer guides you step by step through the Brewing Process. Also on this floor, you will find a state of the art Tasting Laboratory, where you will discover the different varieties of Guinness beer. Visitors can explore the world of Guinness Transport and also uncover the skill of the Craft of the Cooper.

On the Second Floor, you will find the history of Guinness Advertising containing branded memorabilia and the stories behind the popular icons from the Toucan to the Guinness Surfers. You can also watch a great selection of Guinness TV ads which have played an enormous role in making the brand a well-known Irish symbol in every corner of the globe.

On the Third Floor, you can find The Choice Zone which is an interactive exhibit which challenges visitors to look at their own drinking habits and recognise the fine line between enjoying yourself and drinking in excess.

On the Fourth Floor, the Story of the Building exhibit examines the history of the building from its construction in 1904 as a fermentation plant to its noble re-birth in the year 2000 as the Guinness Storehouse visitor attraction. You also get the opportunity to leave a message about anything you wish at the Home message board which is located here.

On the Fifth Floor, you can learn to pour your own pint of Guinness and receive a certificate to prove that you have mastered the craft. This floor is also home to the Source Bar, an artistically designed bar and beside this, the Brewery Bar is an informal and relaxing place to dine. Both bars are also regarded as excellent Dublin conference facilities. Enjoy traditional Irish cuisine with traditional Irish recipes that use Guinness as a defining ingredient.

The My Goodness My Gilroy section is an exhibition of John Gilroy's work, the artist responsible for the famous Guinness advertising from the 1930s to 1960s. Opened in July 2004 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Guinness advertising, the exhibition features Gilroy's original sketches, artwork and posters, drawn from the Guinness Archive. Guinness TV commercials aired in 1955, which brought Gilroy's famous characters to life, are also shown.

guinnessOn the Seventh Floor, you have finally reached the head of the pint. This is where you will receive your complimentary pint of Guinness beer. Relax and enjoy the uninterrupted panoramic views across Dublin City - it really is one of the most spectacular places to visit in Dublin, and one of the most talked about Dublin tourist attractions. The Gravity Bar is also one of the top Dublin conference venues.

Opening hours

9.30am to 5pm

July and August we are open from 9.30 am to 8pm

Admission rates

Adult - €13.50
Student with ID over 18 - €11
Student with ID under 18 - €9
Senior citizen - €11
Group (over 15 people) - €14
Children between 6 and 12 years - €5
Children under 6 yrs FREE
Family (2 adults & up to 4 children) - €34

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Excellent Tour
Nov 12, 2014

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